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Aurora Bank Tops 6 month CDs

Aurora bank is currently offering 6 month bank CD rates at 1.00% with a yield of 1.00%. That rate is more than three times the current national average 6 month rate of 0.308% as reported by The minimum opening deposit for a certificate of deposit account at Aurora Bank is $1,000.

Discover Bank has the second best 6 month CD rate on our list of national rates. 6 month Discover Bank CD rates are at 0.85% with a yield of 0.85%. The minimum opening deposit for a Discover Bank CD is $2,500.

Coming in with the third highest CD rate on our list is Ally Bank. The bank’s current 6 month CD rate is 0.84% with a yield of 0.84%. The minimum opening deposit at Ally Bank is only $1.

Other banks on our national rate list that are offering 6 month rates higher than the national average include First Internet Bank of IN offering 6 month rates at 0.75%. AIG Bank is offering CD rates at .070% and Everbank is offering 6 month rates at 0.61%.

Bank rates may be out of date. Please check bank websites for current rates. Find & compare the best CD rates, savings accounts, and bank deals!

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