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Historical CD Rates from 2009/2010

With interest and CD rates still at recent lows, how does the savings landscape look for certificate of deposit rates in the future?

The past 2 years or so have seen rates plummet. Let’s take a look at the historical CD rates over the past 2 years:

There was a 7 month CD promo at Cnonexus Credit Union for a 5.00% APY 7 month Jumbo CD on deposits of $100k or more. It also featured 4.50% APY on deposits between $50-99k, and 3.50% on deposits from $1-49k. They required a checking account to open a CD.

Regal Financial Bank had a promotional 12 month CD with 4.00% APY called their MVP CD. It had a minimum deposit of $2500 and was available nationwide.

Urwin Union Bank had a promotion where they gave away a free HDTV for opening a 11 month CD with a minimum of $20k. The rates on these CDs ranged from 1.75% to 2.60%.

There were also a few limited promotional CDs with some very high CD rates – 10% APY 3 month CD from Shorebank with a $1000 maximum, and 7% APY 7 month CD from Elevations Credit Union with $2000 maximum.

Historically, CD rates have been much higher over the past 5-10 years. Let’s hope the trend turns around soon!

Bank rates may be out of date. Please check bank websites for current rates. Find & compare the best CD rates, savings accounts, and bank deals!

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