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Incredible Bank Tops CD Rates

Incredible Bank recently raised their CD rates to respectable levels. The new 1 year CD rate is 1.45% APY. They also have an 18 month CD at 1.55% APY. These CDs are available online nationwide. Incredible Bank CDs feature:

  • $10,000 minimum deposit
  • $90,000 maximum deposit
  • Withdrawal penalty – 6 months of interest

Incredible bank also features a high yielding checking account. The checking account rate is currently 1.35% APY on all balances up to $250,000. There aren’t any requirements to qualify for this account.

Incredible Bank is a division of River Valley Bank which is based in Wisconsin. Incredible Bank is FDIC insured.

Bank rates may be out of date. Please check bank websites for current rates. Find & compare the best CD rates, savings accounts, and bank deals!

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