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MetLife Bank CDs, Money Market Rates

MetLife Bank is offering a promotional 12 month CD with 2.25% APY. Minimum balance on this promotional CD is $25,000 or more.

metlife bank MetLife Bank CDs, Money Market Rates

Some details on the CD:

  • The CD can be opened by mail, phone, or via the internet
  • It can be funded by check wire or ACH
  • When you apply, you have 15 days to fund the CD to keep the same rate
  • Interest rate is compounded daily and credited monthly
  • When the CD matures, you have a 10 day grace period
  • You can close the CD by phone

Aside from this CD, MetLife Bank also has some reasonable money market and CD rates.

Their money market account features 1.25% APY on balances from 10,000 – 24,999, and 1.50% on balances above 25,000. Some additional details on Metlife Money Market accounts:

  • Interest compounded daily, credited monthly
  • ATM card access
  • Reimbursements on non-MetLife Bank ATM surcharges (up to $5.00 per statement cycle)
  • Free first order of checks
  • Transaction limitations apply. Up to six transfers or withdrawals (checks included) per monthly statement cycle (subject to funds availability)
  • Free online banking account access

CD Rates range from 1.00% on the low end to 2.25% on the high end. Jumbo CDs and IRA CDs are also available.

If you have any reviews or comments on MetLife bank accounts, please leave a comment below.

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