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Bad Credit or No Credit Needed Credit Cards

Bad credit? Getting rejected by all the credit card providers? Poor credit and bad credit credit cards are a great alternative for people having trouble getting accepted for traditional credit cards. Browse our selection of credit cards for bad credit, read reviews and compare credit card offers for poor credit credit cards.

Once you find the card that best fits your needs, you can apply online instantly. Poor credit credit cards typically have lower credit limits and higher APRs, but if you’ve run into some tough times with the subprime mortgage mess, these cards could be a great way to start rebuilding your credit.

3 Comments on “Bad Credit or No Credit Needed Credit Cards”

  • kathy
    September 13, 2009

    Is this a good credit card I have bad credit, I dont want to be charge for a processing fee need aa good credit limit.

  • drew
    June 24, 2010

    Low/no processing fee, but that’s a load of crap–they want a minimum $200 security deposit when you apply.

  • veronica
    March 29, 2011

    i have bad credit because i lost my job a few months ago. now i have a new job and i am looking for a card that will help me get on my feet for the first month before i begin to get paid…is this a good credit card for people like me??? my debt is around $2,000.00

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