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Lion Credit Union High Interest Savings Rate

Lion Credit Union is known for offering the best rates possible to members. Right now, this credit union is providing a high interest savings account that earns 1.01% APY.

If you’re not yet a member of Lion Credit Union, you must become one to obtain this savings account rate. Fees may reduce earnings. Rates for the current calendar quarter are subject to change and will be declared by the Board of Directors at the end of the current calendar quarter.

Lion Credit Union received its Arkansas state charter in 1936 when it was known as Lion Oil Cooperative Savings and Credit Union. Since then, the credit union has converted to a federal charter, expanded its list of sponsoring companies to over 40 companies and now holds over $8,000,000.00 in assets and with more than 2,800 members. If you’d like to visit this top Arkansas credit union, the branch is located in El Dorado.

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