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San Diego County Credit Union CD Rates

San Diego County Credit Union is offering a CD and IRA CD special with competitive long-term rates. It has a 57-month term with a top rate of 2.75% APY. This requires a $90K minimum deposit. The rate is 2.70% APY for a $10K minimum and a 2.65% APY for a $2K minimum. According to the CSR, the early withdrawal penalty is 180 days worth of interest.

There are also shorter-term CD specials as well – For a $90K minimum deposit, these include a 1.45% APY 25-month CD and a 1.10% APY 11-month CD.

Credit union membership is open to everyone living or working in San Diego, Riverside and Orange Counties. Membership requires a minimum deposit of $50 into the Primary Savings account.

San Diego County Credit Union branches are located throughout Southern California.

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