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Best CD Rates in Florida

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Here’s a list of the current top CD rates in Florida: 3 month CD – OneUnited Bank Unity CD – 0.50% APY, 1000 min deposit 7 month CD – TotalBank Promotional CD – 1.10% APY, 1000 min deposit 9 month CD – ONeUnited Bank Unity CD – 1.00% APY, 1000 min deposit 1 year CD [...]

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5.55% 13 month CD @ Sunshine State CU (Florida)

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Florida’s (FL) Sunshine State Credit Union is offering a promotional 5.55% APY 13-month certificate of deposit. They also offer a high 5.25% APY 7-month CD. Minimum deposit on both accounts is $1,000. Field of membership seems to be primarily based on select employer groups, including all those employed in or retired from Florida’s government. You [...]

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