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Get Cash for Settled Payments

If you have a structured settlement of any kind, you can actually sell your settlement to a company for a lump sum cash amount. What are structured settlements? They are basically a series of future payments that you will receive. Some examples include:

  • Payments from an insurance company
  • Payments from a lawsuit, personal injury claim, etc.
  • Workers comp

If you are currently receiving such payments and you are an adult over 21 years of age, you can actually get cash for your structured settlement.

  • The sale is permitted by State and Federal laws—even if your insurance policy contains anti-assignment language.
  • Your sale proceeds are Tax Free because the Federal Tax Laws preserve the tax free status of your structured settlement in the event of sale.
  • Our Certified Funders handle all of the paperwork and get the necessary court approval all at No Cost to you.
  • Your sale proceeds are paid to you by direct wire into your bank account. You have immediate access to these funds.
  • The transaction is Risk Free because you are protected by a court process.

Selling your structured settlement is not necessarily for everyone. You will end up receiving less cash than you would if you didn’t sell it. But if you need some extra cash up front, it is definitely an option to consider.

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